Then to Now

It was a Wednesday. By late August, Minnesota was bursting with humidity. I had just finished my summer job as a camp counselor and within days of my return, I started packing for my next big move – Arizona. After living a summer in the forests of Michigan – sharing a small cabin with ten middle schoolers, sleeping on cots and wearing a couple of uniform light-blue polos – packing superfluous amounts of clothes, books and knick-knacks felt cumbersome. Do I need this? No. Yes… Just in case? Fine. Then it was time. My car was packed, my goodbyes were said. I wasn’t ready, but away I went. That was over four months ago.

Which brings me to now. With the arrival of ’14, I can’t help but ponder over the last year. I’ve made only one New Years resolution in my life. You have heard married couples being told to never go to bed angry at one another. In high school, I made that same resolution – with myself. This year, it can be summed up in one word: Be. Wherever you are, be.

So who (be) I? Lots of things. Pancake-enthusiast. Ping-pong champion. Lost intern. New hiker. Vinyl collector. A middle sister. Sriracha junkie. What will this blog be? Well, time will tell.


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